The world of John Hart, New South Wale’s favourite professional chef

As the son of famous Australian artist Pro Hart, I grew up with passion all around me. Passion for beauty, for the outback, for doing things the right way every time. As an artist myself I exhibit in my own right nationally and internationally, and try to bring that passion into everything I do: including my cooking. So what are you waiting for? Get into the heart of your kitchen and start creating magical food now!
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John Hart 

Hart of the Kitchen is my personal account of my artistic experience and passion. Cooking is what I do best, and I infuse all the love and passion of an artist into every meal and recipe I create. Take a look at some of the helpful hints, tricks, tips and recipes that I provide for here and explore some the delicious creations that we can achieve together! Explore my world today: for more information about me and what I do, please give me a call, or get in touch with me online. 

Kitchen innovation

I love to explore all the new kitchen technology and exciting innovations in kitchenware that’s currently on the market. We have come such a long way from the whitegoods and kitchen gear of yore, and now we’re sitting at the cutting edge of innovation, when it comes to cooking! While you may think that the wide range of high tech gear and cooking equipment is only available to the most elite of professional chefs, this is excitingly not the case! As technology becomes smaller, cheaper and more accessible, people like you and me have much more access to it, which destroys the limits to your creativity, and helps you push boundaries when cooking food. Bring that creative spirit to your cooking today, with my helpful tips, tricks and cooking innovations! 
John Hart in kitchen with new technology

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